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At the “PAC”, we are focus on developping high quality performance! With our determination and relentless pursuit of the best training methods, we offer programs that are designed to unleash the potential in every people that work with us no matter your sport and goals. We base all our training from methods that has proven to improve fitness level.
Here, you will not find general over-the-counter programs such as (mass gain, strength or explosiveness & speed). We build and educate our clients starting with solid foundations. In this way, once acquired, you can continue to build by following a constant progression. For these reasons, we consider each athlete individually and personalized according to:

  • Specifics needs related to your sport and your position.
  • History (injuries, experience, assessment, etc.).
  • Your goals, your specific needs and your schedule.
  • We adapt the progression, the volume, the intensity and the exercises to your profile! – It is not you who adapts to the program but it adapts to you!
  • We provide support and follow-up to assist you in achieving your goals.

We offer the best sport specific training method in Europe. We educate players and athletes how to train specifically for their sport in order to give them the best chances to transfer athletic skills in their field. We are focus on developing high quality services around the athletes in order the give them all the support they need to achieve their goals, being successful and reach the next level.

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The way we see our performance model looks like a pyramide.The top of the pyramid represents your full potential. In order to reach it, you have to climb it step by step and make sure the previous level is solid enough to build upon it.

A common mistake in physical preparation is worrying about developing a program to improve performance (examples: strength, power, speed) before mastering the basics and then completely dodging foundations.
In our model, our athletes perform an assessment and observe a learning phase to validate the first levels. This allows us to start on a healthy, solid foundation and to ensure the quality of movement and the safety of the athlete. This is a considerable time saver for the future and an insurance for us and the client before moving into the specific part of its preparation.

It is crucial to constantly practice technically clean movements during strength & conditioning if the goal is to develop strength, muscle mass, power, improve the potential performance of the athlete on the field and prevent long-term injuries.

The same rigor, consistency and intensity that the athletes apply daily in order to master the specifics of their sports (technique, tactics, etc.) in order to dominate their opponent on the field must also be applied in the gym during each exercise, each series and each repetition. All the greatest athletes, regardless of their mastery of their sports, are still coached technically and in physical preparation individually!

What do you get by joining the Zoo...

Most athletes have weaknesses, these weaknesses can stem from anywhere; whether it be muscular imbalances, faulty recruitment patterns, strength and muscular deficiencies, or even the lack of confidence in your sport. If you’re looking to become a beast, the PAC is for you.
You have a coach who will build out a program based off your needs and each month after as you wish to stay on board (the longer you stay the more results you will have – we typically recommend a minimum of 4 months to get serious results).

We will make you focused on one thing and one thing only… the next step you need to take each day to get you closer to your goals. The coach has the right compass to get you to your end results.

Every phase is CUSTOMIZED to fit you! Every month we work together, we will devise a customized program individualized to fit your needs. Every athlete has a unique way of adapting to training stimulus and I simply want to identify what you respond best to and prescribe more of it as we advance. It applies to so many factors such as… exercise selection, volume, intensity, rest, and of course your sport & position.

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