1. PAC Athlete of the week (give a shout-out if you’d like)

I want to highlight Jannik Stanke – Defensive Line from the Dresden Monarchs. During the whole quarantine in Germany he has been grinding like no one else. Creating and building tools with woods, steel and whatever he finds out in order to keep working hard. He trusted and embraced the process. From November and April he has been able to improve his 225 bench press from 6 reps to 13  and his 1RM bench press from 120 to 135 Kgs in a period he was not able to lift in a regular gym. This is the definition of NO EXCUSE. Proud of you Jannik. 

2. Talk about why warming up is important!

Anyone who is serious about about training and/or sport performance knows that the warm-up is the most important part of the workout. If your warm-up looks like shit so will be your performance. A proper and sport /task specific warm-up is essential if you want to perform. Preparing your body for the demands of your workout or athletic event is a must in order to increase performance and reduce risk of injury. 

3. Talk about some of the benefits to a good warm up routine?

  1. Injury Prevention : Minimize the risk of injury during workout, daily life & sport performance.
  2. Increase Performance : Help to perform at the top of our own capabilities in order to reach our full potential. 
  3. Faster Muscle Contraction : Prepare your body to perform multi dimensions movement patterns so you can move more efficiently. 
  4. Improved Blood flow : Your blood carries the oxygen needed for your muscles to function during exercise. 
  5. Mental preparation : A side benefit of warming up is that your brain will become focused on your body and your physical activity as you go through the process. This focus will carry over into your training session to help you to improve your technique, coordination, and skill.

4. What are the negatives if not warming up correctly?

Basically the opposite of all the benefits written above. 

  1. Increase your risk of injury. 
  2. Increase stress on cardiovascular system and lungs.
  3. Put yourself in a position where you might not be able to give your best capabilities. 

5. What can a successful warm up mean to your career

A good warm-up routine helped me to discipline myself with a proper standardized protocol in order to get my mind and body ready to play with my full potential and minimum injury risk. It is a great guideline to follow in order to have long term results on and off the field. 

6. Talk about some of the key areas to focus on.

A simple way to design your warm-up into blocks : 

  1. Soft tissue release (SMR) – improve soft tissue quality& extensibility and reducing scar tissue & adhesion. 
  2. Dynamic stretch & mobility – improve joints and muscle mobility to enhance performance and reduce injury risk. 
  3. Corrective and activation exercise – Focus on specific muscle groups to prepare the body for specific task and improve performance. 
  4. Movement Pattern and Central Nervous System (CNS) preparation – Excite the Nervous System to increase your power potential. 

7. Closing remarks or motivational quote

Embrace the Process!